A Lesson in Lenses

Today I came across a really interesting blog post on Camille Styles about lenses! One thing I’ve really been trying to experiment with is different kinds of lenses. For the sports photography assignment I used a 300 mm lens (THAT was an experience, let me tell you) which was perfect for shooting the equestrian team. For the very first product assignment though, I made the mistake of checking out 24 mm and 50 mm lenses (wide angle lenses) which were not ideal for photographing a product for an editorial spread. If I had known then what I know now about how different lenses affect the look and feel of a photo, I could have been better prepared. A telephoto lens would have been better suited for photographing a product. Anything above an 85 mm lens would be considered telephoto, but for the situation I was in photographing the gold clubs I think I would have needed at least a 100 mm. When I was doing the shoot I was so focused on getting as close to the golf clubs as possible and was getting frustrated when I wasn’t capturing all the details I wanted, but what I didn’t know is I was getting frustrated because I was using the wrong lenses! The next time I am going out for shoot and am unsure of what lenses to bring, I will definitely reference this article!

Here’s a cool graphic from the article that I thought really showcased how different lenses affect the photo:



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