Garnet and Black Spring Game

These are some photos I took of Brock and Clayton at the Garnet and Black Spring Game this past Sunday. Along with these photographs, I got a lot of great ambient noises of the crowd cheering, whistles blowing, the band playing, etc. The great thing about photographing the boys during the game is that their positions are right next to each other on the field, which made it easier to get actions shots of them together! Brock is number 65 and Clayton is number 54 if you are looking for them in the photographs.


Photographing football was much harder than I expected though. I brought the 300 mm lens, which was the perfect lens length in this case. The 200 mm lens would have been too far away to see any people and the 400 mm lens would have been too close to catch any action. Football is difficult though because there are so many players on the field at one time, if you are focusing on photographing a specific player they are often blocked by other players. Clay and Brock, for example, play in the middle of the field, which means there are always other players to their right and left. No matter where I moved on the sidelines, I felt like I couldn’t get a good shot of just them. Another difficulty was how quickly everything moved. The center, Clayton in this case, would snap the ball and less than 10 seconds later the play would be over and you already missed the shot. You have to be aware of what’s happening at all time and have a basic grasp of how the game works or else you will not get the action shots you want.

Overall I had a great experience photographing the football game. I think some of the other photographers may have been confused when I would stay back to photograph Brock and Clayton rather than following the quarterback with the ball. What do you all think of the photographs? I would love to get any feedback you have! All of these photos are unedited; I wanted to wait until I knew exactly which photos I liked to tone them in Photoshop.


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