My Last Class Post

Today is my last blog post of Journalism 537. I hope to continue updating my blog as m photography professes, but at least for a little while this is the last post. I wanted to finish by giving an overview of what I’ve learned so far in this class. This class has honestly taught me so much about photography, I couldn’t possibly fit it all in one blog post, but for now I’ll just go over some of the main points.

1. What aperture and shutter speed are and how they relate. I know this sounds extremely basic, but since I never used a DSLR camera in my intro class, the idea of aperture and equivalent exposures was just an idea, that honestly didn’t make much sense in my mind. Now, aperture and shutter speed are second nature to me. I know what shutter speeds and apertures create equivalent exposures and I know in what situations to use a large and small aperture. Since these ideas are the basics of photography, you can never get more advanced in your work if you don’t understand this.

2. Being assertive. When on location I learned that in order to get your shot you need to be assertive. This was applicable during sports photography, event photography, and any kind of photojournalism. As a new photographer I have just as much of a right to be somewhere as any other photographer. I’m not a very naturally assertive person, but being forced into a situation where I had to be places I’ve never been and talk to people I don’t know taught me to be more personable and assertive.

3. Lenses. If you had asked me what the difference between a telephoto and wide angle lens were before I took this class, I would have had no idea. The numbers 25mm and 400mm had no difference to me. Now, I know how each lens affects the composition of the photo and which lenses are appropriate for each situation. I used to just take the standard lenses that came with the camera, but now I know that isn’t always the best option.

4. Flash. I used to think that flash and strobes were only used for shooting at night, but now I know that lighting can have profound affects on all photos.

I’ve learned so much in this class and I have learned more in this class than most of the other classes I have taken in my collegiate class so far.


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